Medical Standard for ESE

Height & Chest Measurements-

Service Gender Height Chest Girth Fully Expanded Expansion
BRES. Gr. A in Border Male 152 cm 84 cm 5 cm
Roads Organization Female 150 cm 79 cm 5 cm
MES  Service Gr. A Not  Required 5 cm
 Indian Ordnance Factories Service Gr. A Not Required 5 cm


S. No. Service Distant Vision Near Vision
Better Eye (Corrected Vision) Worst Eye Better Eye (Corrected Vision) Worst Eye
A. Technical
1 6/6 or 6/9 6/12  or  6/9 J/I J/II
2 1. Central Engineering Service, Group-A 6/6 or 6/9 6/12 or 6/9 J/I J/II
2. Central Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service, Gr. A
3. Central Water Engineering Service Gr ‘A’
4. Central Power Engineering Service Gr ‘A’ &Gr ‘B’
5. Central Engineering Service (Roads), Group-A
6. Indian Radio Regulatory Service Gr ‘A’
7. Indian Telecommunication Service Gr. ‘A’, J.T.O Gr. B,
8. Assistant Executive Engineer in P&T Building works (Gr. ‘A’) Service
9. Indian Naval Armament Service. Indian Naval Stores Service,
10.  Indian Ordnance Factories Service Group A. Survey of India Gr ‘A’ Service,
11. Indian Inspection Service (Asstt. Dir. Grade-I)
3 1. AEE Gr ‘A’ in Corps of EME 6/6 or 6/9 6/18 or 6/9 J/I J/II
2. Military Engineer Service, Gr. A. (IDSE)
3. AEE(QS&C) in Military Engineer Service(MES) Surveyor Cadre
4. BRES Gr.‘A’ in Border Roads Organization
B. Non Technical
4 1. Indian Railway Stores Service  6/9  6/12   J/I J/II
2. Indian Supply Service Gr ‘A’
3. Geological Survey of India Engineering Service Gr ‘A’


Colour Perception Criteria-

S. No. Grade Higher Grade of Colour Perception Lower Grade of Colour Perception
1 Distance Between the Lamp & the Candidate 16 Feet 16 Feet
2 Size of aperture 1.3 mm 13 mm
3 Time of Exposure 5 seconds 5 seconds

Technical Services or Posts Requiring Higher Grade Colour Perception:

  • Railway Engineering Services.
  • Indian Defence Service of Engineer (IDSE).
  • Central Engineering Service (Roads).
  • Central Power Engineering Service. (Gr. ‘A’ and Gr. ‘B’).
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (Group ‘A’) in the Corps of EME.
  • BRES Group ‘A’ in Border Roads Organisation.
  • Survey of India, Group ‘A’ Service.
  • Assistant Executive Engineer(QS&C) in Military Engineer Service(MES) Cadre.
  • Indian Inspection Service (Asst. Dir. Grade-I)

Technical Service or Posts Requiring Lower Grade Colour Perception

  • Central Engineering Service
  • Central Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service
  • Indian Naval Armament Service
  • Indian Naval Stores Service
  • Indian Ordnance Factory Service
  • Central Water Engineering Service
  • Indian Radio Regulatory Service
  • Geological Survey of India Gr ‘A’ Service
  • Executive Engineer in P&T Building Works Gr ‘A’ Service

Services for which Colour Perception is not Required:

  • Indian Telecommunication Service Group ‘A’
  • Junior Telecom Officer (General Central Service Group ‘B’ Gazetted, Non-ministerial)
  • Indian Railway Store Service, Group ‘A’
  • Indian Supply Service Group ‘A’